Performance Movement Patterns
in Cycling

The special movements of the trunk and pelvis drive every cyclists' legs. The Performance Movement Patterns harness the movements of the upper body and hips to improve cycling performance and race results. The Performance Movement Patterns are teachable, repeatable movements on the bike, based on kinesiology principles and unique to cycling. They are the same movements which all World Class-Elite level cyclists perform to reach that level.

Through The Performance Movement Patterns Video Collection, Dartfish Video Analysis, Coaching Support and the Book; coaches and athletes can turn these movements into faster, stronger and more efficient cycling. With Précis Velo's practical, scientific tools, coaches can offer fresh and powerful insights.

Performance Movement Patterns

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The Skills
The Trunk Pelvic Roll and the Sidebend Hip Hike are the Performance Movement Patterns in Cycling.

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The Skills in Action
The Performance Movement Patterns apply to nearly every situation on the bike.

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Coaches' Corner
Get the most from your athletes with the Performance Movement Patterns.

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Video Analysis
Use our Video Collection or take advantage of our expertise with your own video.

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