Athletes' Corner

Skilled movements are the foundation for all sports – including cycling.  Cyclists can benefit from adopting the Trunk Pelvic Roll as well as the Sidebend Hip Hike skills at any level including their very first exposure to the sport.   Adopting and mastering these skills can help them achieve a high level of competence and success. These skills are clearly displayed by world class athletes, and are integral to tempo riding, climbing, and sprinting as well as time trials.

The language of the “Preferred Movement Patterns” and the required movements can provide a great platform for communicating with a coach. They give coach and athlete an objective way to measure skill development and progress and can offer a way to describe the indescribable.

Triathletes’ can especially benefit from either the Trunk Pelvic Roll or the Sidebend Hip Hike skill pattern. This allows triathletes to select the skill pattern that best suits their goals and riding style.