Sidebend Hip Hike: Paceline & Tempo

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Paceline & Tempo | Special Situations

While taking a turn at the front of a paceline, the athlete will drive the crankarms with the skilled features of the Trunk Pelvic Roll. He will have the choice to recover the trunk, pelvis and leg muscles within the paceline by switching skills to the Sidebend Hip Hike. When it comes time to be at the front of the paceline once again, the skilled movement of the trunk and pelvis must be re-emphasized with the Sidebend Hip Hike or the Trunk Pelvic Roll.

The benefit to the athlete is to alternate skilled performance of the Sidebend Hip Hike with the Trunk Pelvic Roll seamlessly and at a high level. When one skill begins to falter, some relief may be found from the second skill.