Trunk Pelvic Roll: Triathlon & Time Trials

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Triathletes and time trialers spend their lives in the wind. In longer events, the skill is very effective and sustainable. The effort of the Trunk Pelvic Roll can be graded according to the effect of the wind. Using the strength of the entire trunk maximizes power output, even in the aero position. It also minimizes lower body fatigue, increasing endurance.

The important difference between the Trunk Pelvic Roll on the road bike and the time trial bike are the aerobars. On the road bike, the athlete weight shifts on either the brake hoods or the drops. On the time trial bike, the weight shifting takes place on the aero bar pads. The saddle and the crank arm should remain in roughly the same position relative to each other on both bikes. It's important to avoid an aero position that is too aggressive – that will reduce the ability to perform the Trunk Pelvic Roll. Instead, position yourself in such a way as to maximize power output.